Wills, Forgery and Document Examination

The topic of wills and forgery is a frustrating one.   After handling a few cases revolving around probate as well as my own personal family experience, I have realized that sometimes the wishes of the decedent are not clear to the loved ones left behind.

Thus, there is fighting, unhappiness, bitterness and eventually attorneys, judges and even document examiners.  All of this can become quit expensive in terms of monetary value but can also be detrimental to physical and emotional well being of those involved as they ‘fight for’, ‘hold on to’, ‘keep’ the things they believe and feel are rightfully theirs as heirs.

Over the next few months I am going to educate myself and blog about ‘How to prepare for your death’, as morbid as this sounds it is a fact that we will all eventually face.  If our affairs are in order then the loved ones we leave behind can grieve or party, but not have to ‘fight’ over the belongings.

I welcome input from others more educated in this field!

I believe the first step is to consult with a professional, an attorney that specializes in estate planning.

If you feel this is too expensive and not an option for you, let’s explore options here as well.

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